Is it ok showing rewarded video ads to hide other ads for 6 hours?

My app has no feature to give the users as a reward. Also they face lots of banners and interstitials while they are using it. So I think users can be happy if they watch a rewarded video ad one time, I offer them to close banners and interstitials for 6 hours.

What do you think of this opinion? Do you think this will boost my revenue? Especially, is it ok for Admob program policy with this Ad strategy?


I honestly don’t know about Admob policy… but I think you would need to give a virtual currency to use and then let them use it to pay to remove ads.

I think it complies Admob policy, but I don’t believe it is a great idea, since ecpm from rewarded videos (finished ones) is more or less the same than an interstitial.

I would disagree with batalyaws - not only do rewarded videos tend to pay more, they actually have a positive impact on retention and engagement, thereby increasing lifetime value, especially because they’re usually implemented as “opt-in”. You can check out this article talking about an experiment conducted by a developer to this effect:

It sounds like yours is a non-game app, where rewarded video ads perform a bit differently, but the “reward” you’re offering is one desired by most users, so I’d give it a shot for sure. Update us with how it went!