Is it just me or is Millennial Media platform a big pile or shit?

The SDK documentation is outdated. the platform is missing the most basic of features and the ads are mostly “Your phone has a virus”

Ive known about Mmedia for years now and expected them to be one of the top players with matching software, am I missing something or are they gearing up to shut down or something?

Your experience is similar to mine. At one point I was sending them millions of impression requests per day. Now they get the bottom of the barrel. I see a eCPM from them of $0.16.

I even wanted to give them money by buying some ads because low eCPM might mean the prices there are pretty cheap… but it turned out not to be posibble for me since they require the paypal e-mail to be the same as you account e-mail and provide no other ways to pay.