Is it a good time to start marketing?

Hi! I am an indie developer and published my first game to play store a few days ago. The downloads for the game are devastating! :wink: As most of the threads in the forum suggest, I have added my app to numerous app review sites, shared in social networking groups… nothing seems to work. SO I decided to start an appbrain cpi campaign with a min $100 budget hoping for atleast 300 installs. My doubt is that, would it be fruitful to run a campaign after a week of release? would it bring any difference in downloads or is it just a waste of time and money?
this is the game BTW link

If you are going to spend money, now is the best time, as your app is in the new categories for the first 30 days.

Thank you for replying …just started a campaign with appbrain

How much have you spent with AppBrain? Would you mind sharing your experience?

Yes this is the best time to rank but your going to need more than 300 installs in order to rank and get into the top new free in your category. I did the pay per install method and reached the top 50 and top 16 in top new free in India. Here is how I did it.

After you read this , if you have any questions just let me know.

I spent 100$ on the campaign(Country specific) and received 200+ installs in about 5 days!(I don’t know if it is above or below average)

Unfortunately the game got suspended since the description had a few words that led to issues with the privacy policy :frowning:
However I have made another improved version of the same game

Can you explain more precisely what was wrong with the description?

Well…I was dumb enough to use another famous games name in the description -_-

how does mentioning other games result in issues with privacy policy?

Maybe they said description but your game got banned because is really similar to Flappy Birds (at least it looks like), lately they are banning spamming apps, not only craps apps but good quality games