Is Getjar not accepting all applications?


On GerJar registration site is info that “Getjar is available only for high-quality apps. Your app must have at least 100 ratings with a 4.0 or higher average on Google Play to be eligible for the Getjar SDK.”.

So, If I have a new application I must publish it on Google Play and wait until this app will have +100 ratings with +4 average rate? Or maybe I must have at least 1 application which have +100 ratings and next I can implement SDK to all new applications (+0 ratings)?

Yes, that is a supposed requirement - but they can be flexible.

They have this new GetJar Partner program also - where you bundle the app so it is “locked” and only if you unlock at start does the app run (so it’s a screenshot of your app with a GetJar button to open it) - I have seen some apps which have some good downloads and well not that many negative ratings for that.

This maybe an area they are focusing more on - as they have advertised that option (I think here also ?).

However, generally GetJar is difficult to get a response from - their GetJar App Store is hard to get a response from them.

Their GetJar Rewards SDK (which is like Tapjoy) is much much harder than Tapjoy (unless they have cleaned it up). The required permissions are more also GET_TASKS etc.

You get the general sense with GetJar that there is either no driver at the front (CEO absent, not interested or what ?) or they have an absence of manpower.

I get the feeling that with a management change they could turn this around fast.

In contrast Tapjoy is much more responsive, easier to integrate (I have an app in testing not released yet) and generally more liked by users (i.e. colors attract them or whatever).

Thanks for really good info :slight_smile:
I need Ad network for unlocking app after downloading via coins, gold, or something else. I published on Google Play 2 apps with TapJoy and IAP as a second unlock option.

I saw in app which implements GetJar SDK that they offer for my region (Poland) featured apps which bring x3 more coins (revenue) than the same offers in TapJoy.

any ideas when their app market / developer site update will be finished? I’ve been locked out for days if not weeks now and need to update a bunch of apps

I asked them, they said hoping end of Aug. yes, you heard me…practically September.

Do you get good downloads from GetJar App Store ?

I had put up two apps there - one was chronically problematic - could not update it’s entry so it was stuck - and no response from GetJar.

If they are moving it is great - but they really need a consolidated website (for developers) - otherwise it is a mess.

For those using their GetJar Rewards program (like Tapjoy) - there is no place on the website to see stats for that - except some random link which lets you download the CSV file containing raw data.

All in all the developer-side for GetJar is in a mess. Perhaps the down-for-upgrade status at GetJar these days is an indicator of some revamp taking place.

But they really need to get some manpower working on the developer side.

not bad download numbers, roughly the same as amazon, but they did accept some apps that amazon wouldn’t (ie rejected because of ads that lead to google play app pages instead of amazon store), so I had more apps listed on getjar than amazon

So similar to Amazon - and how compare to Google Play download numbers ?