Is appOptim still compliance with Google Play as they are Claiming on their Website

Is appOptim still compliance after 1st Febarurary update with Google Play as they are Claiming on their Website? or now they are only scam?

well I lost 8 apps with their sdk!

Even if it happens to be complaint, google doesn’t seem to want it in the store

why bother with them? Have you run out of options?
The only thing they market a lot is PPD which startapp and airpush are giving.

Actually I like there sdk and pay rates. They were paying me more than startapp (PPD+ Banner + Interstitials). and there ads are also okay with users.

as far as I remember, you lost whole account with many apps because of them. Try the safe ones, as javaexp says.

Sorry but Airpush isn’t safe anymore either. A few days ago google took down a couple of apps in which I had only the bundle sdk integrated (see quoted message below). I remember having read a similar case here in the forum.

We have determined that your app or its ads request or requires the user to accept a user agreement containing features which violate our System interference policy.

You can still use them safely for banners though