Is Appliv reliable?

I got a mail from Appliv, who said they wanted to review an app. Is this company reliable? This is the first mail I got from them:

Hi,my name is Blu and I work in international marketing at Nyle Asia Pacific Inc. I’d like to feature Morphing Galaxy Visualizer in our media, Appliv.

Appliv has succeeded in App reviewing market in Japan. Over 6 million users / month use it before downloading an App to encounter the exact one they are looking for. To expand our service worldwide, we’ve released it in English last year.
Appliv - Search iPhone apps based on function, rank & review

I’m now selecting the first 1000 apps that are differentiated from similar ones and offer great user experience in order to publish online review for free in English version of Appliv. I personally found your app in the Play Store, and get absorbed in it. It does deserve to get users’ attention.

Then I got this mail:

Thank you so much for your reply.
We’d love to publish “Morphing Galaxy Visualizer” review article !
May I ask if it’s possible to introduce Appliv on your blog or website?
If it is, please read the details and fill out the format so that we’ll accept your review offer officially.

Read the following in advance, and reply with your understanding.
・ Please place two links for more than 3 months.
・ One link leads to Appliv top page and the other to your review page.
・ When the review is published, we will contact you again.
・ It may take one week or more to publish your review.

I don’t think you should trust them I got the same thing.

Hi! I’m Patrick from Appliv, the site in question here. I can vouch that we are definitely reliable! If you check out our site, you can see that we regularly add app reviews across hundreds of different categories. In order to find great apps we often get in touch with developers via email, which was the case here. Sorry for any confusion!

I’m definitely late with our response (sorry about that), but if you have any other questions or want to highlight any other of your apps on our site, don’t hesitate to PM here. Thanks!