Is anyone using the revmob SDK?

Is anyone using the revmob SDK?

Why can’t I find the revmob SDK website?
And can’t create APP ID either?

i think it is the site - revmob sdk

Im not sure what issues you are finding when trying to create an ad id, but you can quickly and easily integrate Revmob using Enhance.
Once you have created your ad id, head over to Enhance to see how simple the integration process can be.

We support a wide range of networks, check it out here :

Can’t create APP ID at all,
There is no revmob SDK,
Revmob seems to be down.

I wouldn’t worry about finding their SDK, using Enhance, we can handle that part for you.
Getting your id is the issue.

I took a look and created an account on the revmob site but can not add my app to start getting the ad id either. I get sent to a 404 error page saying I’m not logged in.
I have reached out to them and we’ll just have to see what they say.

Good luck.

From Revmob :

[i]Revmob Support Team (Revmob)

Jul 2, 19:30 BRT


Hope this email finds you fine.

Right now the SDK is unavailable and also the app creation due to some updates. Please let us know which app do you want to monetize (Store URL) and our team will reach you out as soon as possible.


Best regards,

Revmob Customer Support[/i]

Once you contact them and get your ad id’s Enhance can help with the rest!

After waiting for 10 more days, Didn’t reply to me. I thought the company fell.
I have deleted all the ads.

If payment time, the payment does not reply to me, what should I do.

Previous support has been answered in 1 or 2 days…
Really dangerous.

Don’t waste time with revmob and use Appodeal for the better