Is anyone here working on augmented reality apps?

Hey guys, i was wondering if anyone here in the forum works on augmented reality apps and what sdks do you use?

Hey! I could recommend Metaio SDK. You can download it and use it for free… there are plenty of tutorials and webinars (also a helpdesk) you can access for more information… you can find it here: Why use the Metaio SDK? | metaio Developer Portal

Hey what kind of apps are you creating? Poster tracking or location tracking apps? I think Metaio does not provide a free apps solution, everything is blended with a watermark. Isn’t that right? I had a very good experience with what is called today Vuforia. Back then it was just Qualcomm SDK.

Hi Andreas!

The SDK can be used in poster tracking and also location tracking… in addition it has: 3d tracking, built-in 3D renderer with shader support, SLAM based 3D-tracking, Gravity Aware Feature Descriptors (GAFD), Dedicated AR Browser (Junaio), HW IP for AR-Acceleration… when making your app publicly available, the only free option is to export it as a Junaio channel… so the users would need to go through Junaio to open the app… otherwise you are right, you have a watermark which can be removed after buying a license… I must say though I personally do not have experience with developing apps… if you wish to ask someone who is using Metaio, you could go to their helpdesk (metaio Developer Portal: Helpdesk) or contact someone from their certified developers community (metaio | AR Solution Providers). Hope it helps :slight_smile: