is always revenue from StartApp so low?

Yesterday, I regestired in StartApp and I included their SDK in my app, but when I have checked my revenue is really low:

Downloads: 262 → 0,45$
Interstitials: 353 → 0$
Banners: 595 → 0$

If this is normal, I am thinking of choosing another company…

I tried startapp for a week. I made around $50. I was making $1300 per week on admob.

My revenue of Startapp this week is so slow too :frowning:

My figures are really strange because I haven’t recieved any money for banners and Interstitials…

Lot FAIL :frowning:
Revenue yesterday. @@fail_alot.jpg

epic low! :cry:

How is yours?

I am wondering if you have the SDK integrated right. Go through the steps once again and check it out, make sure all of the permissions are included. Make sure the ads are clickable and can be clearly seen. Something must be wrong to have that low of revenue.

All my apps’s revenue yesterday (24 Jan) is 3$ >"<

I don’t understand anything…
Yesterday > 2000 impressions and >600 downloads and only 1$. I am going to change…
Sin ttulo.jpg

StartApp is completely rendom some days i get 50$ somedays 16$ lol ( same impressions numbers).

Really very very low ecpm … Hope to they fix

My main problem is that my eCPM is always 0$, I can’t understand it! :frowning:

Me too, my eCPM always $0 :frowning:

My ecpm was also always 0 and then migrated to Airpush and admob and now to appnext

My StartApp ecpm always jumps everywhere. Some days up to $20 some days as low as 0.40, but it usually averages out well.

Stop making shit apps and the revenue will be good, stale apps can cause low ecpm, they do CPI, so ads need to be refreshed as well to your users, they cant download same game more than once. you only get credit for their first install

Yesterday I got… 0.09$ ECPM! NICE STARTAPP!