Is AirPush lack of inventory for banner ads in US ?


I’m having an application that target US traffic.However, everytime i test the ads, there are only 3 ads. The first one is “bakery story”, the second one is “double your luck” and the last one is and application store. I’m connecting via VPN server at US. At first, the CPM for banner ads is about $2.8 then gradually decreases to $0.5 yesterday.

Does anyone have the same problem ?

Yes, I’d like to know how to set this up - so a mobile phone fetches ads from different countries - so one can see what is being shown there.

This would be required also to test for ad networks that show video ads etc. type of stuff - because those will often be tailored to u.s. market etc. or some european markets (video ads are already not huge inventory).

So what’s the best way to setup a mobile phone so it can see ads from different locations (and should one pay a VPN that allows switching country etc. for this - since using a hosted server in U.S. would just allow doing it for u.s.). Any free ways to do this ?

EDIT: I ask this because the ad networks may judge location based on IP address, the location reported by the phone or some other combination of such info. So to adequately test what ads are being shown in U.S. or Germany, one would need ability to “fool” the ad network (though just for testing purposes).

EDIT: would be great if the ad networks themselves provided this facility - in the place where some allow entry of a “test device” - perhaps entry of a “fake location” would be a GREAT help to developers trying to judge what type of ads are delivered … it would also allow them to test video ads etc. or low inventory ads that would otherwise not be visible to them from their developing location.

It’s very easy. Make sure you have turn off location service, disable GPS. Go to your phone network settings and create a PPTP VPN connection and fill with following info:
username: vpnaday
password: a1b2c3
Then connect via this connection, all traffic will be routed via this , the VPN server is located in New York.
You can find more information in this page
VPNADAY.COM - Free VPN for iPhone, iPad n Android devices

Thanks. Aren’t the ad networks taking geo location from the SIM/phone provider - and would your procedure cover for that ?