Is Airpush Bundle 1 safe for Google Play

Am hearing a lot of good comments about AIrpush Bundle 1 SDK. Is it safe to use in Google Play ?

Only AirPlay is safe for GP.

from my experince with airpush , all antiviruses say that has an male ware or virus inside the sdk , and when ppl try to use my application they comment that it has a virus
second it uses all permissions
sorry bad english

Hey Guys,

Bundle 1 is for Google Play -
Our Bundle 2 SDK is for 3rd party markets (PM me your email address if you want it)

Our latest SDKs have been tested and will not be flagged by most of the anti virus apps.
The permissions are used to serve more enhanced, and better targeted ads to earn developers more money than other networks.

PM me any questions :slight_smile:
Airpush Nick

i know that it doesnt have anymaleware or virus but my avira antivirus always give me warning about this sdk, second how can we convince ppl those comment on google play that it doesnt have any bad files cuzthey are making my app rating very low

I’m using standard because permissions, to many permissions can cause that your app will be not online after publish for couple days, so probably somebody is reviewing it manualy. Sometimes after couple days, suspend :wink: Minimum permissions only, bundles for alternative stores are good, for me in play not worth to risk :wink:

That’s been one of those tough questions android devs have been trying to figure out ever since ad networks came out.
Be open and transparent with your users in your store description, and let them know that you are providing them with a free app but are using an ad network to monetize it.

Airpush Nick

From my experience - bundle 1 is safe on GP

Same here have 6 apps up with new 360 ad units.