Is Admob going to recover?

So I think we can all agree Admob ecpm has been horrible lately. Has anyone been in contact with an emlployee and heard anything about whether this is supposed to improve soon?

I have a strange suspicion this is due to the fact that the old Admob is closing… huge increase in the supply of available advertising slots = lower price for advertisers. What do you guys think? This seems to makes sense to me. I sure hope these horrible ecpms won’t become the norm though

I contact the admob but they dont’ reply…It also not fair when the company just banned the developer because of invalid click .

I try this new ad network Strat App and get a good ecpm and pay `15 usd per 1000 download you can try this ad network here the link: StartApp - Developer Register

I’ve been in contact with someone from admob regarding revenue drop. Here is the reply

If you’re seeing a drop in your ad revenue at this time, it’s probably due to advertiser seasonality. Across the year we observe peaks and troughs in advertiser spend on the AdMob network, and historically these have been more pronounced at the end of a month, quarter or year. This quarter has, admittedly, been slow to bounce back, but should start to do so by August with new money coming through for back-to-school, and other late summer events.

This pattern is typical in the industry, and occasionally, the effect of seasonality is compounded by a reduction in advertiser spend on a major event, such as we had with the World Cup. So when advertisers draw these campaigns to a close you’ll see a downturn in ad revenue, plus the seasonal issues. As such, this effect can occur on all platforms, but as advertisers begin new campaigns, we expect revenue to return to normal levels.

Thanks for sharing!

Is 5% ctr normal with admob.

For banners, no.
For interstitials, yes.

its from both banner and Interestial

i have asked my admob account consultant he told me not to be greater than 4% .

4% CTR on banners? Someone show me an example, I want to know how to do that as well

Thanks for this! Revenue is still really shitty but I have hopes for the future at least…I’ve never had more requests from all of my apps, if only my revenue was the way it was a month and a half ago!