Making Money with Android

Is Admob earnings still low for everyone?

Is it still low or is it back to normal now?

Still low for me. About 60% lower than December. :frowning:
Anticipating that it will rise a bit in late February or early March, based on previous years.

A lot lower than average but some good days lately.

same here, 50-60% lower revenue, i was really happy with christmas earnings,got lower since jan 1-2nd week…

Same here, earnings have dropped around 60% compared to the end of the year.

I make $8 to $10 for every 1k impressions for full screen interstitial. My traffic is 95% US. I’m not complaining. Considering my daily amount. I make out pretty good.

What are you guys considering to be low?

I just implemented Admob a couple weeks back and so far have been averaging around 1.61 RPM for a mixture of both interstitials and banners. Most of my users are from the US, is this low?

Is that in dollars? US traffic is the best and is always strong. It seems to remain higher than other geos do over the quarters.

I was getting a total RPM of $1.93 between my interstitials and banners for all my traffic.
This month’s average is $1.16 so far.

Yes its pretty low. About 50% lower than last quarter obviously…

Part of it is because my apps are getting more traffic outside of USA.

USA eCPM is down about 30%, so not that huge but noticeable.

Sample of 1m impressions.

How are you guys doing now ? My earnings have gone from bad to worse last two weeks, I’ll be looking for a day job really soon…

Last two days were horrible for me too.

Same for me, i think advertise market is weak, too much app & devs want make some money.

Everybody keep saying it’s low and horrible. On a average of 10k views. What are you guys making?
Or what’s your weekly views and earnings?

My eCPM on adMob is about $0.12 right now. :slight_smile: Do your math. Although I’m to blame for that too - I show the banners during the game too and use small banners even on large tablets - so people don’t click much. I will be moving slowly to interstitials, that should help with eCPM.

Not as bad as magnesus here - $0.27 but still sucks. And that with a full page on exit, not just banners

for banners there are very less options with good fill rate. probably appnext’s banner may work out as they seem to be working on it. Me too getting banner ecpm as less than <$.20 with major traffic from poland, us and saudi arabia.

Last week it was actually pretty good, hanging around the 1.00 euro RPM, but the last couple of days it went to shit again… I wonder why?

My eCPM is 1.5€-1.8€ now, that’s actually bad for me since most of my apps only show one ad/sesssion. My yearly average before the holidays were around 4.5€ eCPM.

Just a note: write if it’s for banners, interstitials or mixed banners&interstitials - because that can vary a lot.

Do you have multiple activities of fragments and you keep one session on purpose or do you only have one screen?