Is AdMob dead?

In Adsense you can get more detailed information about your Admob ads.
Video Ads actually do exist and they have a very low CTR combined with a very high CPC, I also never have seen one on my devices though.

Admob was dead for me 3.5 years ago when they terminated my account, stole $4K and automatically rejected my appeal. Plenty of fish in the sea though.

I think everyone should have gotten it. It was in the Admob quarterly newsletter. Subject “Find out what’s new for Google AdMob in our Quarterly Newsletter”. They don’t say how to opt in, but probably just a tick in the Admob dashboard. I can’t check now because Admob is blocked at work…

Hmmm… it’s interesting to read all you complaints. For me, January and February were very successful, compared to the same months in the last years. My eCPM for banners at the end of February was even higher than in November and December 2014. Also Interstitials are doing well.
I have rally no idea why it’s working good for me and not so good for other in this thread.