Is AdMob allowed on all Android app stores?


I currently host my apps on Google Play, Amazon App Store, and Samsung App Store. All apps include AdMob and Amazon ads.

There are many more app stores out there which I’d like to utilize, but I don’t know, if AdMob allows us to upload to all these app stores? I have in mind SlideMe, GetJar, Yandex,, etc.

Would this brake AdMob’s TOS? I’ve tried to find anything in regard to this, but was not able to.


SlideMe allows, GetJar too. Don’t know about others. You won’t be breaking adMob TOS that way.


Could i use just only one site/app id for all of those store ? Or i must create difference id for every store


Form the above mentioned app stores the only thing I recall they ban or wont allow is if you have a “more games/apps” button that showcases your apps on Google play… That’s where you will have problems.

Good to know, thanks. :slight_smile: It seems it is worth trying these stores - so far I’m happy with all of them.