Hi guys,

To experiment some new things, we released our new pixel art style arcade game called Ironpants. It is really difficult game, because we wanted to make it extremely hard and “iron” :slight_smile: So there might be lots of comments that it is impossible to play, but trust me, a little bit of practice and you can proceed to the highscore table :slight_smile:
I would be really glad if you could try it and tell me your feedback. It should work on devices and tablets also, but if you face any problem with an app, it crashes or etc., please tell us make and model of your device. Thank you for your help!

screen_01.jpg screen_02.jpg screen_03.jpg

I am surprised about the low number of downloads you got. These games look good (haven´t try them yet), specially Wordo. What marketing efforts have you made so far?

I’ve tried standard ones: posting in forums, Facebook ad campaings, but nothing helped to improve download numbers.
I was also surprised, got some good suggestions in this forum regarding keywords, title, app description, but the outcome was not as expected. Probably these apps might need some initial boost, and then things may get better, but now my apps get up to 5 downloads a day. It also may be because these apps are require some knowledge/fast thinking and maybe not many people like such types of games. They are more likely to download an app where they can just simply relax and play without thinking. But I might be wrong with that deduction :slight_smile:

I tried your game. It really is too hard, after about 5mins I still couldn’t get past the third obstacle. The game would probably be fun if you worked on the controls. He seems to fall or go up too fast. It’s like the rate he rises goes up the longer you tap. So either you don’t go up fast enough or all of the sudden your zooming up into the obstacle. Also if you could show more of the field of view so you would have time to judge if you need to go up or down. That’s my suggestions to make the game funner. If you just want to make a hard game, you’ve done a pretty good job of that.

E2applets your game now has a lot of downloads and is top 10 game. What marketing efforts have you made to get on the top?

I think Iron Pants got mentioned in many articles covering the Flappy Bird rise and removal from Google Play by developer.

Many articles mentioned alternative apps which were similarly hard as Flappy Bird - and Iron Pants was the most often mentioned one.

Assuming this is the same Iron Pants.

Basically Flappy Bird is the Gangnam Style of apps - or was these days - and we will see benefit for all those who make similar apps for some time until it dies down - or more likely another odd app becomes the new thing.

It could happen that the App Stores could start to now see “faddy” behavior similar to behavior of videos on Youtube i.e. their rising and falling popularity. And perhaps Google and Apple should start to segment how they rank apps - maybe they start to sequester the “Trending” apps from the stable long term rating apps - and we could again start to see a “Top New Apps” type of thing - although I think Google Play now has a “Top Trending” category now - I don’t know when that was added or if it was there before …

I read on a trustworthy news site that the original maker of flappy bird actually played your game and he liked it!