iPhone experience for android by OS9 Launcher

For the users of Android phone, The Apple’s iOS system is not strange. Excellent experience, delicate UI, simple, convenient, interactive, all of them are attractive.
While because of its closed nature or price, some users temporarily not buy and use it.
Thanks for Android open source, now you can experience iOS on Android, that is today role “OS9 Launcher”.
When you download and install “OS9 Launcher”,then you can experience this feature

  1. High-fidelity UI reduction
    The Apple’s icon, wallpaper and interactive, highly reduced effect on its own experience;
    It smartly puts common apps at first screen and docks. Easy for you to use.
  2. Automatic classification and management
    After install OS9 Launcher, it will automatically classify your apps /games, such as social, tools, shopping, media. Allyou need to do is just enjoy it.
    For Android, there will be a bunch of less common installed apps such as Google set, flashlight, them will be automatically classified as System, which makes your phone cleaner and more simple.
  3. ICON is the installation package and shortcuts
    This is the Apple’s characteristics: Shortcut is the installation package, to avoid desktop clutter. Then it’s easy to manage phone’s apps/games.
  4. Similar to Apple’s management
    Want to move or uninstall Apps, just press the ICON to trigger. Everything is fast and simple.
    The most important: no ads, small memory (installation package only 1MB), free. Recommend you to download and experience.
    The address at Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appvv.os9launcher

That’s a nice launcher, I think you need to post some more images.