Invitation to SendDroid

Hi Guys,

My name is Bilal Ahmed and I handle Business Development on SendDroid.

I am sharing some great news on our front. We are actively teaming up with partners to fill our Supply to the best of our ability. What this means for you is that your revenue with SendDroid should start to increase on a daily basis.

Currently, we’re starting with Banner Ads. We also have some Interstitial partners that will be plugged in very soon.

I’m here to invite each and every one of you to join us. We can start with Banner Ads and as more partners join us, we’ll update you so you can turn on more supply.

You can sign up at if you don’t have an account already.

If you DO have an account with us, then it is our suggestion that you give us more banner inventory.

The results will speak for themselves. But I promise you that we will go to the ends of the world for you if that is what it will take to make sure we do our best.

You can contact me directly via email on [email protected]. Alternatively, you can reach out to your AM as well.


Im interesed in banner ads. What about fillrate numbers and average CPM?


I would also like to know about your real fill rate, and average cpm.

And what is the threshold for weekly payments? or there is no?

Our Fill Rates have consistently been over 90%.

As far as eCPM goes, I cannot tell you what it would be for you because it will solely depend on your sites performance.

However, we have Publishers with anywhere from $0.30 - $1.20

That said, it is within our capability to optimize your site to make sure only suitable campaigns are displayed on your site. This means higher CTR and the target obviously is to get higher conversions too.

and the question above, your weekly payments have minimum threshold - like 200 - 500 $ , or any money?

I’m sorry. I missed that one.

Payment threshold is as follows
$100 for PayPal
$400 for Wire/Check (Check is only for US Publishers)

Payments are sent out weekly.

and one more question:

“Banner Ad is a 320 x 50 creative”

it is only 320x50? Because new devices mostly have high resolution, and 320x50 is not seen well.

last time I tried sendroid, they only had one ad to display in banners as if no one was advertising on sendroid but recently i have seen your developer invitation campaign on adsense too.

same now. I see only one ad all the time


Just to clarify, we do have more than one Advertisers. It would be a poor move for me to come out here to get supply without having any source of demand. I believe we have established ourselves as a very upfront and honest Ad Network.

However, that does not mean you are wrong. You may have seen only one ad. And there is a reason why this happens.

To counter fraudulent activity, we do not open up all our Demand to Developers right away. This is particularly true with New Developers and New Sites. Our system takes about 24-48 hours to gather information and regular adjusts the flow of demand depending on clicks and post click conversions. The better your site performs, the more ads and higher payouts you get. And this works the other way round too. So when you see just one ad, it is basically going through a testing cycle just as you’re testing SendDroid.

We actually also provide our Developers transparency into their performance more so than most networks. On your Dashboard you should see a ‘Conv’ column. This stands for Conversions. Conversions will tell you how many of your clicks are actually converting i.e. completing the action of the ad. The higher this number will be in relation to your clicks, the more our Advertisers will love you. Exceptional performance gets exceptionally good rates exclusively because it creates a bidding war.

Hope that clarifies things.

Used to love SendDroid, but you guys never delivered on your promises and so I stopped using you.

eCPM is now incredibly low for most countries, even after many times where I was told I was getting a higher rate due to the level of traffic. The rates never changed and the support was nearly non-existent.
For this reason I question your whole “The better your site performs, the more ads and higher payouts you get.” mentality.

So many times I have been in conversion with reps from SendDroid and they’ve just stopped replying mid conversation almost permanently, through e-mail, g-chat and on this forum’s pm system . That’s really, really bad form and is extremely off-putting.

The dashboard is still missing vital functionality such as viewing custom dates or setting what data is displayed in the graphs.

I don’t know why you think your providing more transparency than other networks. A conversion column/data is nearly always supplied if a network is paying for conversions.

On the good side SendDroid has always paid me promptly.

Maybe others are getting a better experience, but that’s mine.
Here’s some proof of poor performance from this month (Sent a load of banner traffic through with decent geos and was told the traffic was being given “good campaigns”):

I moved this traffic to inMobi and its getting an eCPM of $0.47 instead of $0.13 with the same sort of fill-rate.

i have incomes publisher $ 141 in february, but until now you do not pay me, when you will pay? according to me you are not a professional in the payment, I will not use again senddroid, just waste my time, I was very disappointed with the service senddroid , 3 times I sent an email to support you but no one is responding to my email

to Answer yours guys questions on Fill rates I have a 96% lifetime fillrate on Senddroid and have earned over $27,000 in the past year or so with them.

You guys need to change your sdk and let us load banners using XML code that way we can have them be larger for larger devices, all the other ad networks do it this way, I don’t like Hard Coded java banners since there is not much control over them.

senddroid not paying,not recomended!!!