Introduction tp Target Circle's private CPI exchange

Hi to all in the forum. I hope to connect & partner with many of you very soon.

I am MD of a company called Target Circle. For the past year we have been operating “under the radar” speaking to advertisers & publishers about the issues they face with UA & monetisation. We built our SaaS platform with much input from the market.

Target Circle build private exchanges for advertisers in order to bring them together with publishers in a transparent & fraud free environment. Too many networks re-broker campaigns (your money being diluted) or use media buyers. Add this to the fraud & a significant part of advertiser budget is not going to the good sources who work hard on developing apps that need monetising.

On the publisher side we have a simple goal - to deliver the maximum amount of money to you guys who drive UA & get you your money quickly by paying twice per month. (Soon our platform will even show payment funnels & indicate where your money is).

87% is the starting point for publishers & we want to increase this to 90%+ for you. Feedback so far is that we are paying out between 50 - 100% extra for some campaigns. As an example for one of the biggest games (50m users) with an average conversion rate of 15-20% we are paying out $5.50 per install for Android US & happy to show this to partners. We are transparent with everything!

I would be interested to hear what some of you receive on way of CPI from networks & also for any ideas about what would help your cause.

Please shout if you have any questions. I have the app on my Note 4 so will always be checking in.

My account is linked to my work email so am hoping any questions will be routed this way. If not I will share my email if required (don’t want to be presumptuous)

I have been asked many times what the catch is. There is none. No tie-ins, fees or anything. We simply want to put the maximum money where it should be.

Very best to you all

don’t understand what you want us to do

Hi. Sorry if this was in any way vague! We are keen to invite potential monetisation partners to discuss opportunities with our direct clients. Also we look for feedback from the market as to areas for platform development potential.