Introducing TheoremReach - monetize your users through rewarded surveys

Hi All!

I’m one of the co-founders of TheoremReach, a mobile market research firm focused on helping mobile app developers monetize their apps by allowing their users to take in-app surveys in exchange for in-app content. We’ve been around ~4 years and are looking to further expand our developer network to help you all monetize your apps.

We work on a four step process:

  1. The first time the user opts into the SDK we ask them a standard set of demographic questions we use to match them with surveys (this information is available to you via API)
  2. We then show users a list of surveys they can choose from based on the length of the survey and how much content they’ll earn (this is based on the exchange rate you set in your app - e.g. $1 = 100 coins so a $5 = 500 coins)
  3. User enters the survey and completes it
  4. User earns their rewarded content

We have international inventory in ~50 countries with millions of survey completions available each day. Typically developers see $100+ eCPMs with top developers seeing $300+ eCPMs.

We’ve found that our model works best in apps that use a virtual currency but would be happy to chat with any developer about their monetization strategy. We operate on a 70/30 rev share in favor of the developer, so if a survey pays $1, we give the user $1 of content and pay you the same $0.70 that Google would pay you if they made an in-app purchase directly.

Average payout is ~$2. Average length is between 5-9 minutes but will never be longer than 20 minutes. We payout net 30.

In general we’ve found it’s a great asset to any monetization model and fits along well beside in-app purchases, rewarded video, and an offerwall empowering the user to choose how they earn their content and the developer to monetize each action the user takes whether completing a survey or downloading an app.

Here’s a couple app examples:


p.s. feel free to reach out to me directly at [email protected] with any questions or sign-up hereas a developer!