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Intertitial Ad on App Launch VS. App Exit


Where do you prefer showing an intertitial ad? On app launch or apl exit?

Which one converts better? Tell us about your opinion based on your experience

You probably meant developers to answer and not networks, but in my experience at Appnext - App Launch is the best performing location, by far. Its not true for all apps, but in average is creates a higher eCPM than Exit or any other location during app use.

My 2 cents.

Jonathan has right. Interstitials on launch have best CPM (for me) and about 40% bigger impressions number (people exit app using home not back button)

I agree with above,we call it splash fullscreen ads,its average eCPM almost $2 in Mobvista

Hi issamassafi,

With the Airpush smart wall, placing it on either app location will produce solid results. Our smart wall is a collection of several ad types including full screen interstitials, overlays, dialog ads, video and others, and our algorithm will pick the best ad type and campaign to serve based on the users country, device, internet connection, etc. With this, the user is going to see multiple ad types, will not get ad burnout, and is more likely to engage with the ads after seeing different ones, instead of the same type over and over again.

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Airpush Nick