Interstitials for Unity Game...What are the best choices ?

Is there a way to put admob Interstitials in unity game…what are some other best choices…
Anyone here have experiences with unity games,please share…
Thanks a lot…


i just implemented Adbuddiz on my upcoming unity game a couple minutes ago, they work pretty good for me (high ecpm, pre loaded on cache)

I’m planning to release my first unity game this week , I will try to use Admob interstitial and Chartboost with Prime31 plugin and see how it goes

@BaksaiApps : thanks for the nice feedback :slight_smile:
@stewie : If you want to have more info about AdBuddiz, feel free to ping me on [email protected]
We also have an app that features the best games on Google Play : Giftiz
If you integrate AdBuddiz, I can ask our team at Giftiz to test your app and sees if it qualifies for a featuring.
Usually, our partners pay us for the traffic we send them, but if our team loves your games, we might be able to feature it for free and you would get thousands of free installs for your launch.

Keep me posted :wink:

I have actually one question , do you have a good Middle East - Africa Traffic? since I expect my game to spread in that region first

hello stewie
did you succeed in integrating Admob interstitial in your unity game?Which plugin did you choose?

hello BaksaiApps
can you share the eCPM you are getting from appbuddiz,and how good is there fill rate in Asia(mainly India) and US…

I´ve had 21300 views and $57.3 of revenue. Thats a CPM of 2.69 There is no information about the fill rate though!
My traffic is so small that i can not really tell anything about specific regions…

Hey Stewie,
Middle East is not necessary the region that the advertisers are the most interested in.
That being said, we currently have really good paying campaigns in this part of the world right now.