InterstitialAds in live wallpaper

first of all thank u for reading this , my question is simple how often should an Interstitial Ads pop up in a free live wallpaper app and and how to place the code, i am not a coder so a tutorial would be nice on how to incorporate .Interstitial Ads in live wallpaper even when my app is not running like 2 to 3 , full screen ads pop up a day.
can some one write a code or give me code link so i can copy and paste.:slight_smile:
or push notification ads service

after searching a lot i have found out that only way to do that is by using air-push but now google is changing policy on push notification from now on i think only preference screen is the only place u can display ads ,…so sad now…its getting hard to earn money from live wallpaper

Hey itsmejab,

You are correct that push notification and app icon ads are no longer compliant with Google Play ad policies, but our latest compliant SDK, Bundle 1, includes our 360 abstract banner ads, smart wall ads (various in app interstitial), and a pay per download ad type, where you can earn up to .02 per new USA user install and agreement page opt in, and .002 internationally per install along with ad CPMs. You can review the integration doc for it here - I can always have my team assist with any integration questions or concerns.

Shoot me a PM to chat further.
Airpush Nick

Hi Nick,

I know a little off topic, but do offer an SDK Bundle that does not require an opt-in and that does not integrate push or icon adds in it? I’ve been looking at your 360 abstract banners and have been thinking about integrating them possibly at some point. Thanks.


Hey Rick,

Thanks for the message.
Our standard sdk version is Gplay compliant containing in app ads, and doesn’t include an opt in screen for users.

Here is the integration doc for that sdk to check out.

Shoot me a PM with your email address and I can send you some media decks further showing the difference in our sdk versions.


I told you yesterday you can use or to inject ads into your apk file.