Interstitial eCPM for Various Networks

Below are my interstitials eCPMs

Startapp : $1~ $1.5 eCPM
Chartboost: $0.8~$1 eCPM
MobileCore : $0.5~$0.7 eCPM
AppNext : $1~$1.3 eCPM

I wonder if I implement Admob, Will I get higher eCPM?

You might get a higher eCPM with Admob. You will most likely get the highest fill-rate with them in any case.

Hi All,

The list you provided consist of great networks with various strengths and weaknesses.

At AerServ we have just released a new SDK which is fully Google Play compliant and our eCPM for our interstitial for the past 30 days is $3.21 with strong fillrates.

Please PM if you’re interested in integrating our super light weight SDK (30kb).


There is no sense of comparing average eCPM.
Compare eCPM for continent or country(s).

And Yes if you can use mediation & eCPM floor of ADMOB with “Country Targeting”, I am sure you would get best return.