Interstitial ad network mediation

Hey guys,

Im aware there are alot of threads discussing network mediation, what Im really confused is whether admob mediation works with interstitials or only banners. Im only intrested in interstitial ads so please help me out. Also which networks support interstitial mediation with admob. Theres a big list of networks on their page, but thers no mention if they are only banners or also Inters…


Mediation works with interstitials, like banners.
For the network, you have to manually check if each network offers interstitials or not, and also if they support mediation in their sdk. Tedious so I would only recommend for an app that has enough download to make the workload worth it.

Good luck


I do have a good daily user installs , I’ll stick to individual networks and keep switching them , there’s a lack of documentation on almost all websites…