International ads

Almost all the game I download have no ads.

It’s not that they don’t have ads running for them, it’s just that I don’t get any ads. So for example, I’ve played reiti’s Robo Miner for many hours and I haven’t even seen 1 ad.

I can only assume this is because of my country. Advertisers are probably just not targeting Costa Rica.

But I remember one time the conversation turned to why SlideMe generates so many downloads, but no ad impressions come out of them. Maybe the large amount of people that download the app on SlideMe are just located in a country that isn’t getting any ads! So the numbers show no impressions…

Imagine aaaall those wasted impression opportunities.

I’m not sure if this is due to location, but it’s my best bet since I know in direct-response marketing we always target the big 3: US, UK, Australia. And for example, if I do a search on google I’ll rarely see any ads, because most advertisers aren’t targeting my country.

But I’ve heard that there are some advertising networks that are focused on local markets, like the hispanic market or the asian market. Maybe our apps should check for location on start, and then use the right network based on that.

What are your thoughts?

At the very least, apps should be checking for an unfilled ad slot and replacing it with a custom banner, perhaps advertising some of the developer’s other apps, or a paid upgrade. It doesn’t make sense to leave the spot blank.

I haven’t played around with any really targeted networks, except for Madvertise which seems to only work well for a couple of European countries. I guess if you’re using an ad mediation framework it shouldn’t be too hard to sign up for a bunch of local networks and set them as a low-priority “worst case” inventory.

Agreed! Seems like a good opportunity to at least to cross-promotions but really, most games I check out don’t do it, even most of the big names.

Maybe that’s one reason why admob implemented mediation …

the newer version of robo miner have the ability to display banners of my other games … I’ve just not activated it yet - they would link to my website (because of different stores) which I have prepared for mobile devices already (not public yet)

The fillrate is at 99% that’s why I didn’t do anything about it currently.

But I wonder that admob did not have any ads for some countries - at least the adsense inventory should have something to display

Oh, cool! Yeah, that should solve it for RM. I’ll let you know how that goes once you push the update :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s weird that it didn’t at least show AdSense ads…

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