"Intellegently hiding" Push Notification?

Are there any push notification services that don’t let people think directly on your app? Like it would “push” 10 mins after starting the app /whatever

That,if I understood correctly, is a clear violation of google play policy…:eek::stuck_out_tongue:

Oh ok .____.

Where @amalvj123 may be right in the sense that “hiding” it violates the policy, what you are actually asking isn’t.
I know that SendDroid and Airpush both have options of sending out pushes at different intervals.
SendDroid: Wait 0-30 days before serving ads, with similar controls over how often after that.
Airpush: Wait 0-1 days before serving ads, with controls over how regularly after that.

There isn’t anything that sends pushes on demand to the point I believe your asking, but waiting 1 day can help. Of course you’ll probably lose out on revenue from people who uninstall the app/game before 1 day has passed.

A1ka1inE THANK YOU :slight_smile:
That was what I was searching for.

The only problem now is, that I can’t reach my “old” 9000 Users >.<

it’s useless app, installed accidently

What app?..

all push networks have to show the app icon where the ad is coming from which gives it away. i just coded a custom push system that shows any icon i specify. it didn’t take as long as i thought to code. as long as i only start pushing ads a few days after app install, i don’t get any bad reviews about it.

Leadbolt allows you to set the delay of the first push (in minutes/hours) after starting the app the first time. You also set the repetition interval after the first push.

If the app/game uninstalled before 1 day has passed - this app is useless or installed accidently

Not neccesarily, a lot of people will download an app and decide it’s not what they’re looking for. Or for whatever reason, uninstall it. A lot of people suggest to send pushes immediately because of this.

It’s a fun and smart idea~But I am just wondering how these tricks work? I would love to know more networks that have such settings:)
Well, push ads. is a good way to utilize publisher’s traffic but also intrusive and bad for user experience. See this experiment here:Push notifications: an experiment

Appflood 's present SDK also serves push ad with a delay of 12 hours for the 1st time, and then have an interval of 4 hours later.
And their new version SDK is said to be realeased in two weeks will allow publishers to set themselves whatever interval they like, both for the first time and for the after repetition intervals~Hope this helps a little:D

Thanks for your answers guys :slight_smile:

Now the requests are raising again, but this will only last for short as my app seems to die so I will tell you about my push ad experience in ~3 or 4 weeks