Intel Atom-based tablets by end of year

Anyone have a clue about the market for these Intel-based Android tablets ? It’s called “Bay Trail”. Intel is evidently trying to take some market from near-universal ARM-based Android.

Intel Intros Bay Trail SoCs for Tablets, Convertibles

Can Intel’s Bay Trail break in to tablets? | ZDNet
Can Intel’s Bay Trail break in to tablets?

I wonder how this will change the fragmentation issue (if you use JNI/native code in your android apps - would you need to ship separate .jar files and then in code LoadLibrary() the appropriate library based on the detected OS/machine etc. ?).

Has anyone else gotten an e-mail from Intel Software Services Group offering to send a tablet in lieu of testing apps on their devices ? And possibly being featured initially/promoted or whatever.
It’s not like an independent developer has a lot of time - tablets are fewer still - and tack on the new platform stuff. So one could expect terrible conversions - the only advantage would be having the tablet and early entry into this platform (which would be valuable only if Intel succeeds in taking space).

On other hand Samsung’s Tizen OS etc. includes Intel as partner - so it is possible that Samsung (and some of the other Tizen consoritum partners like Huawei etc. and not clear how serious they are) could go it alone with Intel ?

They have been sending these emails for more than an year. BTW you will also find articles saying will this year be intel’s tablet year from 3 years back too.
Intel Need margins that don’t exist in tablet market (for anyone other than Apple).

I am supposed to get such tablet from them. But they only lend it, so they might want it back or maybe they put the lending bit into the terms so they don’t have to give you any warranty. Intel has huge resources so maybe they will get some percentage of the market in the future but it might take a few more years.