Instagram Shoutouts for Mobile Apps - NEW MARKETPLACE - cheap rates!

Hey guys, some of the members here might remember my thread from earlier this year

I blew the cover on how some of trendy apps were getting popular last holiday season, such as flappy bird, skippy squirrel and even provided a case study on how I charted my own game. It was basically done with Instagram Shoutouts and CPI reached as low as $0.06 in USA.

Initially, I setup a test website and did a lot of manual work to get these campaigns run through Instagram. Since then we worked with hundreds of clients and gathered lots of feedback. We worked very hard last 6 months on creating a new version of Shotucart, which is now a self-serve, automated system that allows you to purchase shoutouts from lots of different small and large accounts on Instagram.

Holiday season is NOW, and you should take advantage of our new shoutout marketplace and get your apps and games charted before Christmas day!

What’s new with Shoutcart:

[li]Shoutout prices slashed by 50% (on average) thanks to automated software we created!
[/li][li]You can now start with as little as $50 and try 5-10 different shoutouts to get a feel of how it works!
[/li][li]We offer ability to order shoutouts from multiple accounts. You can buy shoutouts as low as few dollars, and upwards of $10k at a time.
[/li][li]We now offer statistics and tracking of every shoutout so you can measure results of your spend
[/li][li]Our inventory is growing every day allowing you to run larger, more targeted campaigns

Visit our website - and start taking advantage of our new marketing channel!

Our reach is now over 60M followers!

Don’t wait to promote your app this holiday season, because spots are filling up fast!

please also include your rates also

i am not sure what rates you are talking about.