Insanely addictive

Hi guys,
Here’s out new super simple and highly addictive game…(Please keep it installed for some days. I’m sure you’ll not regret :slight_smile: .)
3d leap new.jpg

  • Amazingly simple
  • Super Addictive
  • Endless gameplay that never gets old
  • Simply tap to jump the circle
  • dodge the rotators and dash in between them
  • Just Bounce and Bounce and pass the obstacles
  • use leaderboard to compete with your friends and BEAT THEM !!!

url :

rated and g+ as Michal V
do the same

could you also write an review.? I’ve rated 5 star with review under name Achyut Sagar.


Hey, I gave g+, 5 stars and a nice review for your leap game (as Rick). Good luck with it! I think you could make quite a chance here. “Leap” seems like a pretty strong keyword for a title and the game is pretty unique gameplay.

Would you rate my game? It would be great if you mentioned the word dodo in your review. :slight_smile:

I’m happy you like it buddy. and thanks for the kind words. I appreciate it. But There a little we small individual developers can do without proper funding for marketing. let’s hope it performs good.

btw I rated and reviewed you game under the name Pab king. and included the word dodo in review.

I rate, review and G+
My name: .
my msg: Leap is Super Addictive! Leap is very great game! Thanks!
Pls do same for mine:

I gave you 5* g+ and comment from Alex Wilhelm. Would you help me review and do the same with my below app, please keep install in your device at least two day for approving the review?

My app:

Thank you very much!

Done please return the favor :slight_smile:
Use keywords “drunk locker app” in your review

I have rated and review your app under James Parker. and I will keep it installed. will you keep my game installed? I am sure you’ll like it. it’s addictive, short session game. and small size. so it’ll not use much memory.

under which name??

under which name you have rated and reviewed?

My name is “.” just a dot

I Rated 5 star and did g+1 with my name Jacques Bussière . Pls rate and do g+1 for my app.
don’t unstall my app a 7 day :slight_smile:

Plz use kyeword : chicken run game
chicken run

if you done before tell me i send you ohter app

thank you

sorry buddy i don’t see it can you please send a screenshot?

Done under name James Parker.I won’t uninstall it. Would you please do the same (keep my game installed)?

Reviewed, rated 5 stars and +1g to your game under name “Eddie S”. Please do the same for my app.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Rated ,reviewed and +1 under james parker. Your app seems nice. I’ll keep it. it really is useful.


We just reviewed, shared & installed your app Under My Name Miketolsa … hope to get the same for my app …

Play Store Link -

Would like install, share on G+ & ofcource a nice comment …


Rated , reviewed and +1 under James Parker.


Hey. Rated, reviewed and G+ your app with the name “Sandro Ronker”.
Please do the same for my game and use the words “puzzle game” or “puzzles” or “best”.