Inneractive Fill rate dropped to zero

I am currently using Inneractive network and i was getting around 90% fill rate and an awesome ecpm of 2$ but for the last couple of days my fill rate has become zero and s no earnings through inneractive.I have tried contacting the support before also(had some technical trouble) but got no reply then and I have mailed them and contacted them through dashboard but still I don’t think I will be getting a reply soon if any.

Does anyone know the reason or is it an issue some of you are also facing?

It could be a seasonal drop due to decreased media campaigns post-Christmas season. Have you got a response from the support team yet?

so far today - it was never great but this is bad

I have a 87% fill and a $0.05 eCPM from IA.

Yes this is the reply I got

Hi ,
Sorry for the late reply.
Regarding your question, the reason for the decrease in your revenues is because the “end of the year boom” is over ,and with it the end of many campaigns from our ad providers. this is a well known issue in the industry, and we are seeing this decrease in revenues across the board this time every year.
we are doing our best in order to improve, and we hope you will see it soon.
Let us know if you have more questions

Its been a month and still getting zero fill rate and they are not responding to my emails