Inner-active not pay me.

I using Inner-active for long time( more 3 month) and oct is the fist time I will receive my money. I must reveive it in 8/10 but still now I don’t receive. I send mail to support and no reply.
Does anyone else like me?

Hi hoangwin,
This is Noga from Inneractive, and I indeed received your email and responded immediately. As I explained in said email, you will be receiving your payment shortly. Thanks for reaching out and feel free to contact me with any questions in the future.

Thanks Noga.

hi Noga,

i am bit upset, because i am trying to run ads and your dashboard is not showing me option for paying ads, there is only option for house ads.
i’ve also sent a email to your [email protected] id but didnt get any response yet, moreover your website’s contact forms are also not working.

i tried contacting via dashboard where there is a dialog box and in that dialog box there is contact page page with a button “submit” …That submit button is also not working.

please do something

I’ve worked with the Inneractive for three months and they’re NEVER pay on time. If you have a chance to get a reply from their support they’re ALWAYS have the same excuses. Their silly excuses like “you will be receiving your payment shortly” can continue for weeks and weeks and weeks. One of the payment was overdue for a MONTH, so, you get paid after more than 90 days after you actually sent them your valuable traffic.

Moreover, if you get your payments by Paypal you will not get the full sum you’ve earned because YOU will pay the paypal fee. If the sum is large, the fee can be hundreds of $, like it was in our case.

You can check other sites with the same no payments complaints. Some examples: No Payments ! - inneractive - Corona Labs Forums

If you consider to use this network make your own due diligence and think twice before using them.