InMobi is a big fraud


I’m Jim, a representative of vm team, a mobile app publisher. Please be warned that InMobi, a PPC advertising network based in India, is a big fraud as it cheats many of its publishers to steal their earnings.

They have a ridiculously long payment cycle (3 months) and worse, they suspended our publisher account right before the first payment cycle is met so we lost all $2500+ earnings for 3 months.

We’re 100% sure that our traffic are legitimate. We have used InMobi rotated with other ads networks and still get paid from the others. After that, their support team have been extremely unprofessional. They ignored all our email requests for clarifications. Tried to ring them through Skype but they ignored it too.

Many other victims have reported their stories in the CodingTalk forum.

Be warned!

Codingtalk forum seems to be complains about people running InMobi advertising on their adult websites and then getting banned.

Or is your complaint about an android app ?

I am sorry to hear that. My experience with InMobi is positive.
Never had any serious issues with InMobi, already received a couple of payments from them, on time.

This is why I’m always very nervous when trying mobile ad networks which aren’t based in the U.S, including Inmobi / MobFox / Leadbolt. The US-based ad networks like Admob / Millenial / Airpush / Tapjoy / etc cannot do things like that so easily, because it is very easy to get sued in the US :slight_smile: An Indian or Australian company or whatever, on the other hand, has free reign to do whatever they want with your earnings with no repercussions.

Only if you are based in US.

For my account its android apps. 100% no adult contents, don’t know why get banned. They never replied.