****ing "Facebook Instant Articles" fix ?

Sorry for the abusive language and sorry for the off topic.
I hope many of you or few of you must have heard about the shit known as “Facebook instant articles”. NO, Well help yourself Googling it.

I had some free time and tried to attach Facebook instant articles to one of my websites.
As we all know that setting up FAN SDK for android monetization is such a frustrating thing. Lots of unnecessary steps for the reviews and lack of professionalism in issuing the payments.
But they are are step ahead in this when it comes to their other products and services.

So this is what they say about how to set up Instant articles.

  • You must have Facebook account first
  • sign up for instant articles at instantarticles.fb.com and follow the instructions and create a FAN page
  • Click on Publishing tools → Instant Arcticles → Configuration manager.
    • Must have minimum articles to submit for review.

All the things are explained. But Instant Arcticles option does not appear in the left hand side menu at all. what to do without that? i tried all the google and many web material to help myself for last 2 days. But all in the vain.
Finally i am drinking beer now in the broad daylight and i feel like banging the creators of this masterpiece. :mad::mad:

Please help me if any of you guys have come across this and how you fixed it.

Even It was great pain in the ass while i had set up android ads with FAN.

I can’t offer any help I’m afraid, but I know how frustrating it is when that type of thing just doesn’t work and you can’t find the support that should exist etc. :mad:
I hope you find a way to get it working!

Yes my friend.
Well after boozing hard i got a clue that this thing could be done after setting up the website in wordpress.
Well i am busy in giving android apps updates and will try it later.

Will share it soon if its relevant to any of you.
Hence proved that boozing for sometime and off focusing from the topic for a while, makes you think extra and different.