Information about apponsor. Anyone tried it?

I read about apponsor somewhere and I liked their business model.
Here’s a small description from their site:
When starting the app apponsor determines the optimal sponsor for your app and displays an invitation to register for the newsletter of the sponsor to unlock the app.
The sponsor pays for each incoming newsletter-registration a commission of up to 0.40 euros in full to the app developer. apponsor receives its commission directly from the sponsor.
I would like to try it, but there’s almost no info about them.
Anyone using it?
Do they pay well as they say?
They look like they are complaint with the new policy. Does anyone disagree?

I had a look at them recently, but they only support a few Geos, so it’s not a viable network for me.

Thats right, apponsor is currently only available for GB, DE, CH and AT. NL, ES, IT, FR and USA will follow shortly.
You can use apponsor and an alternative advertising network like admob within your app. All user which are in an apponsor supported countries are able to choose between a newletter subscription (apponsor) or in-app advertising. The advertiser will pay a commission for each subscriber up to 0.40 € Cent, regardless of those who uninstall the app later. The main difference to in app advertising is, that the success of apponsor is not depending on a frequent usage of the app.

All other users which are not in apponsor supported countries gets the in-app version. So you will allways win and has no disatvantage.

Hello Jose,
have you tried Apponsor yet? Let me know what you think or if you have further questions.