[Indian Users]Admob Payment exchange rates

I want to know what is USD to INR conversion rate you got? Is there any way to save money from this?

I got 57.97 from HDFC(for last payment). Please share yours.

It should be same across all payment methods including paypal. The only difference is in foreign currency exchange fee. Paypal charges 4.4%, do check with your bank.

Yesterday i got 56.65 on paypal.

Nope. I think conversion rates varies with bank. Normally rate is slightly lower than the rbi exchange rate. for paypal currency conversion rate almost 2Rs lower than that of actual rate. currently exchange rate ~ 58.8, so paypal ~ 56.6

Yes, they do vary with bank. Also, why you go with paypal. They are giving such a shitty rate.

That forex fee does vary with banks, point is how much? And who gives you the best lowest fee?

20-99$ earning :rolleyes:
And for wire Swift code enabled branch needed. My branch dont have it and recently i came to know how to deal with it. Earlier, my bank could not help in this matter as they dont have any idea of intnl wire trsfr :frowning:
For EFT SBI charging total Rs 56 fee, also conversion rate is high and speedy transfer with no question asked compare to some private ones.

for admob I don’t have any option now. They will automatically transfer money to my account in HDFC bank so I don’t have any other payment option there in the admob and adsense console.
For startapp, I have discussed with startapp and they said that they charge extra 3% fee for converting dollars to rupees which is good enough.

For mC and appnext, I am yet to send an email to them. For now I have chosen payapl for payment from mC and appnext.

My main concern was unpredictable conversion of USD to INR. A tip here is, which I’m going to implement, to ask your respective banks to open one more account with currency as USD. That way your money will only remain in USD’s with no conversion and you can convert it to INR as per your comfort and when market is weak. That way we can save ourself from INR fluctuations.

Also, for startapp 3% fee is before or after conversion ?

If you want control about conversion rates accept the currency the desired system works with (mostly USD). That way you can control to convert at a good point in time, when forex is on your side. Consider additional fees for foreign currency accounts and/or internal transaction fees. I would say this is not exactly suitable for everyone - you should have a bit of knowledge about currency markets before you put your own hands on that subject. Bank Charges are most of the time more intransparent than charges from a payment provider.

3% in startapp is after doing the conversion. I highly believe that dollor to INR conversion rate is same across all networks at given time. The only difference is that extra currency conversion charge applied to our payment.
If you want to hold your payment in dollors, you can do that in payment settings of individual ad networks. However I would like to know which bank allows having an account with USD as currency in india? Should come handy for doing transaction in dollors.

You can get a depot. You canont do everything with that and it costs a monthly fee. Those are used to participate in forex, stock exchange etc. And yes, it’s something different, but actually works with every currency you like.

So as I said it is not for everyone :slight_smile: