Increase Your App Rankings With Keyword Installs

Increase Your App Rankings With Keyword Installs: Help Users Discover Your App Through Optimization

If you have a new app or existing one, it’s fair to say that the more people download your app, the higher your app ranks in the Google Play store. To achieve this, it’s important to optimize your mobile app to increase downloads. This can be achieved via keyword installs.

First, you want to know how keyword installs is described. It is expressed as a way to boost your app’s ranking in Google Play (the official app store for the Android operating system), which in turn, increases organic traffic for your app. The number at which your app is ranked is where keyword installs work. For example, if an app is positioned at the 8th rank in Google Play, the number of times users search for the app and download it; increases the app’s ranking.

To help people find your app, you first need to start with keyword optimization.

Why keyword optimization?

Because it improves the visibility of your mobile app. It is the process of researching, evaluating and selecting the best keywords to target prospective users and increase traffic and downloads of your app.
Below you will find some key points to keep in mind about keyword optimization for mobile apps.

Keyword Research

Find and decide on the keyword(s) or combinations that are suitable for your campaign such as its features and if it will have in-app purchases, etc.

Allow for Optional Keywords

Consider suggested keywords to get the most out of your list. For example, check the suggestions from the search bar of the store or use a keyword research tool.

Consider User Language

Examine the product pages and user reviews of your competitors to understand the language that your audience is speaking and the words and expressions that are associated with your app. This can help you generate keyword ideas.

Select Keywords

Choose keywords that have high traffic volume, but not a lot of competition to help your app rank in the top position and give you high visibility. It’s all about the balance between the high traffic and low competitiveness.
Make use of long-tail keywords. You may also want to keep in mind the amount of traffic keyword receives and don’t use keywords that are not relevant to your app.

Optimization (Google Play Store)

• Place your keywords in the title (50 characters)
• Give a short description (80 characters)
• Detailed description (4000 characters)


Keep track of each app store optimization related key performance indicators (KPIs) by checking for:
• Keyword rankings
• Your competition’s rankings
• Track top charts rankings
• Organic installs (by country if possible)
• Conversion rate to install
• Revenue from organic installs
• The competition’s changes or updates

Closing Thoughts

Don’t forget to search for installs such as that provide real people, because you need real users who install the application on their device and open it as well. Using bots can get your app suspended by Google.
And remember to work out the right keyword for people to search and install your mobile app. One-word keyword doesn’t necessarily work because of high competition, so it’s best to use a long tail keyword.

I think that you cant make your app better without keywords optimization. There describes necessary information briefly and clearly. Thx for the information.