Increase website traffic without SEO

Increase website traffic without SEO
It is usual that after making a blog or business website, the first step we take to get visitors is SEO. And, most of the site owners hire a SEO expert. It is true that SEO increases your site’s visibility and popularity online. But to increase traffic to your site, SEO is not the only way.

There are lots of other ways you can apply. Let’s see what those are:

YouTube Marketing Strategies

Use a good looking cover and photo of yourself to your profile photo
If you have social media pages for your business site, put them on your profile
Try to increase views throughout your entire video to achieve better ranking
Your video title and description should be unique and enticing
The tags should be related, fewer and straightforward
Search for related videos, comment but don’t spam. It adds value
video Thumbnail should be eye catching
Use Annotations

Documents & Slides Marketing Strategies
Slideshare, Scribd, Docstoc, Google Drive (Google Docs), 4Shared are good sources for Documents & Slides Marketing. Register first
Use your targeted keyword on your file name and upload that file to these platforms
Your focused keyword should have 200+ words description when you upload the file
When you create the file, don’t forget to mention keywords a few times
For Google doc sharing, make it public

Twitter Marketing Strategies

Your photo, bio and url are very important
Using hash tags when you tweet is also another important thing
You should build relationship with others, retweet them and follow your industry people
Reach out the each one, who followed you, by sending them private message
You can search using hash tags, communicate with them saying hello, ask their needs and let them know how you can help them
You can use the awesome tool “Hootsuite” to schedule your tweet.

LinkedIn Marketing Strategies

Make a good looking professional profile of yourself, use keywords on your title and description
Find related popular group, join, and try to contribute regularly
Create your own groups and invite industry leaders to join
You can share updates of other users on your wall which is helpful to build relationship
In case of buying leads, use search options wisely
Create a company profile and post useful updates everyday
Include Call to action in your summary.
Sending mass message or Endorsement Request is not good

Instagram Marketing Strategies

Use a good looking photo, your bio in short form, and URL of your site
Connect Facebook page with Instagram
When you update new photo, use hash tags.
Comment and share other photos
If you want to get your updates shared a lot of time, you should mention your customers and followers in Instragram
Try to post creative photos
They now allow 15 seconds of short video. Don't forget to use this feature.
Finding industry related photos and Commenting is another good technique
Post updates consistently and share funny pictures

There are more effective ways given below that you can apply to drive huge traffic to your site.