Income improve

I need some help with improve my incomes. I’m kinda new developer, still learning etc. So far I only put 2 “garbage” apps (one with ads) and I prepare to upload 3rd a bit better. Thats why I need some help.

In my current app i use only Admob
So far about 500 downloads from 3 markets, mainly from google play and getjar (samsung slack on approve, and almost 0 downloads from amazon)
I put small banner on all markets and full screen ad on getjar (for testing)

full screen ad(getjar):
fillrate - 68,25%
CTR - 14,53%

banner(all markets):
fillrate - 99,92%
CTR - 1,36%

so… on full screen ad I have low fill rate but high CTR but on banner low CTR and high fill rate…
On both only 1500 impressions, so statistics maybe isn’t too good but it’s always something.

Now I need some idea how to improve this. Should I drop admob and get something else? or get baner from admob and full screen ad from other ad network?
What else i should do to improve incomes?

use mediation

  1. Sign up with other advert networks.
  2. Use Mopub or other mediator
  3. Banner CTR is 0.5 to 2% … yours is near the high end and should be considered ‘good’.