Incent Traffic_Magic Wand in Store Boosting

Why do you need incent traffic? The answer is simple boosting traffic by incent installs, positiv ereviews and high ratings guide you to Top Charts and your application is displayed in the top Google Play, which is viewed by millions of people, so you get a potential audience.

There is not the point if a quality and unique application will not be seen by users and it lies by “dead weight”. Your App do need to be visible by organic users and make you profit for future.

Having a great experience of successful custom-orders implementation by the methods of the incent traffic - I have a lot of clients who satisfied by improving their Apps’ positions and building positive reputation due to review campaign.

In case you want to get Top charts and get tons of organic users - below are the services which wilol help you in getting desired result:

a) incentive installs: the position of the application in stores is affected by the number and dynamics of the installs. With the help of specialized services (one that provide my company) you can get the download program, will improve its position in the stores.
b) keywords install:keywords plays an important part in app promotion, and it is an affecting factor of app ranking.
c) the ratings and reviews can show the quality of your app directly, which are also the reflection of the users of your app.

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Best of luck in your App promotion!