In which category to put my upcoming app?

Hey guys:

We are about to release a new game on Friday. It´s a simple and (hopefully) fun words game. Considering that there is a dedicated Word Game category, it should be an easy call how to categorize the game, but i am actually not sure if this would be the best option. My concern is the visibility that the app will have in such a small specific category. On the other hand, it would be a very specific audience that is supposed to like this kind of games.

I took a look at the popular Words games and found out that most of the very popular Word games are in a major category (Puzzle) instead of Word category. I suppose they are so big and popular that Words was to small for them…

So i have thought about 4 possibilities:

a) Launch under Words and keep it there
b) Launch under Words and eventually move it to Puzzle
c) Launch under Puzzle and keep it there
d) Launch under Puzzle and eventually move it to Words

I would like to ask your opinions, what would you do?

Thank you!

Puzzle, as you said, is more popular category which means more users and more competitors. I think it depends how confident you are that your game is good.

However I think that you are the biggest “word and puzzle game developer” on this forum so ask yourself, you are the specialist here:D

I think you should try puzzle category.