If you consider yourself a good developer you ought to read this

Hey guys,
I am a newbie android developer. I’ve made like 3-4 apps. One of those apps was on a celebrity so it had like 2600 downloads and was getting 100+ downloads every day until I removed it. One has 30 downloads. Gets about 1 download in 2-3 days from install4install I suppose. I had one other app which was really good I know. It deserved at least 50000+ downloads, trust me. But I removed it as I wasn’t getting downloads and I decided to wait until I learn how to market it otherwise my idea could have been stolen :smiley: (it was good one). I know the one getting 1 download every 2-3 days wasn’t extremely good. But even ok apps get significant downloads.
So I learnt about marketing on this forum and ton of other articles and videos. So I started it, got reviews from a review exchange site, got a lot of reviews but not as many downloads. Though all rated 5* but the good ones and relevant ones were from this forum and others where I manually asked people for help. Others were like nice app really useful for my game. Its a game man!!! Give me a break. I search google for android forums. Honestly found only 3-4 which were active and posted on them. No one downloaded my game. No one cared. I didn’t go to review sites editorial kind of because it wasn’t that good. But honestly I don’t think the problem is in the game. I know its not good but even bad ones have at least 1000 downloads. When I see people here everyone is like its my first game/app and its generating this much revenue a day. I’m like why only I don’t have downloads. How the hell do they market. There aren’t many forums and people don’t care there when already tons of posts are being made.
Now what I want or reason why I posted here is that all the pros are here. If you feel even you were like when you began and if you were going through this, you know how depressing it is and how I feel you ought to help me and everyone who’s in this place.Please give practical advice like post on this(with proper name and address ) forum and no of downloads we can get through it. A lot of people are getting 200-300 downloads a day when I can’t get them in total. Why is it so? I am willing to work hard but I don’t know what to do. Please give direct advice ,its a request. Get all us noobs out of this place, please it feels awful.

would you mind posting the game here?

I would have shared it surely. But I’ve unpublished it. I got too depressed.

is it the alien game you referred to

Yeah its the latest one, I’ve unpublished it now. But this thread is made in a more general context. I know the game isn’t very good. But I had an app before which had good UI and also nice content. I had same issues with it. I’m way better in app development then game. :frowning:

I thought many people might think that I’m really bad at it, that’s the reason. So I thought I’ll upload some stats about my only successful app (celebrity one)(not my efforts in marketing). I was ranked #11 in UK new Free productivity and #14 in US new free productivity highest.