Identify famous celebs (free)

Playing quiz games is always a mind sport in which players enjoys a lot. Quiz can be a brief assessment in education and other fields to measure growth in knowledge, abilities, and/or skills.
Identify the Person Quiz“is a quiz game which is all about identifying famous personalities through their pictures. People interested in celebs stuff will find it very interesting and challenging too as sometimes they will get some very uncommon pictures of celebs which are really hard to recognize.

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I just downloaded the app - it’s an interesting game. I’m not one who keeps up with the news much, so I didn’t recognise many faces, but I suspect many of my friends would :slight_smile:

One idea for future development - it would be great if there was some easy way for me to see the correct answer, when I get a question wrong. I can tell I got it wrong by the vibration, but I still wasn’t sure what the correct answer was!

@ David
Thanks for trying dear !!
Nice suggestion…We have added this new functionality in our app…now you 'll get alert on choosing wrong or correct option.
We have added some more features along with this feature…will release it’s updated version in 1-2 days.Check it out !!

Sounds good. Another suggestion after having this app installed for a few days - turn down the frequency of the push notification ads :slight_smile:

I’ve been getting the ads very regularly, to the extent that they’re a bit annoying. Normally with push notifications (if you’re going to use them at all) it’s recommended to wait a few days after install before showing the first ad, and then no more than one per day. I’d actually suggest one ad every 3-7 days, to avoid people uninstalling the app.