Idea for an silly app / game


Today in my head came an idea for a silly app. It may become viral and popular. Also there’s no such app in market.

Anyway, i don’t want to make it. It’s in gray area - google may ban you - cause it should use photos of some person and his name in title. Also, i don’t want to make such silly apps. I prefer to make apps which has some real value.

If someone will do it thanks to me and earn big money, plase PM me later - i will gladly accept some bitcoins :wink:

Anyway, here’s title: “Shave Conch… Wu…”

So, anyone will be making it? :wink:

shave who?

google for Eurovision contest 2014 and you will quickly find out.

you just ruined my life

A little rude, but I bet it would be popular. And probably get you banned. :slight_smile:

for sure:)