Icons/graphics for 2560x1440 resolution?

Hello, I’m just wondering, if we will need to update our icons and graphics for the upcoming high-resolution devices? I still use 192x192 px in-app icons (100 dpi) and various graphic elements (pictures, images at various resolutions, with 100 dpi), but since I don’t have an access to a 2560x1440 device, I don’t know how my stuff looks on those devices.

Any ideas?


Upcoming? :slight_smile: There are already such devices for some time now. It’s always best to support all devices you can - but I wouldn’t make that my first priority, since current images will also look acceptable if you support at least 720p.

Well, yeah, there will be more and more of those. :slight_smile: OK, cool to hear that, thanks.

The problem is quickly rising app size, so it probably is viable to make standard and HD version of your app.