Icon ads for our app distribution - useful ? can it damage branding ?

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We would like to distribute our game via icon ads that some ad networks offer .
Is this method useful ?
What are basically the conversion rates ?
Can it damage our game branding when users will suddenly see an icon of it on their home screen ?

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Well the issues that have been considered here previously are the damage that icon ads etc. may do to the app which is using the icon ad etc. SDK.

You raise an interesting point - how bad does an app look which is advertised via icon ads, push ads etc.

If the app itself is not bad it may not raise too many alarm bells.

However there may be apps which have icon ads installed over and over - I have seen some examples where the user’s home screen gets filled up by the “NQ Antivirus” etc. app which is being advertised these days.

It does raise a negative impression (slightly) about the app itself - but I suspect if a disgruntled user ever goes to the Google Play page for it and sees it’s description and it is a totally legitimate app - they may cool down (maybe).

I think developers will be in no better position to answer this than just ordinary users or people you know.

Maybe ProfessorDD or some who have large number of apps and are marketing them (in this way) will have better to say. Welcome to the forum.