[iCallMe App] I Call & Call Me ... a funny and useful app

iCallMe – Reminder is a “must have” app that lets you make simple & quick voice message to remind your important schedule and never miss it again!

Have you forgotten your wife’s birthday or anniversary? Do you miss some important tasks/ meeting even you set up the alarm function in the calendar? Or, you just simply to ignore these reminders due to your busy schedule?
Now with iCallMe - Reminder, you easily create a reminder for your important tasks, and then forget about them. When time comes, iCallMe - Reminder will phone you directly. It’s all trigger by your own mobile and they are all free!

iCallMe app offer you the best innovation fake call in Android system - “instant call”. You can make a fake call at anytime & anywhere you want! Unlike the other products, you don’t need to set up the schedule before you simulate a fake call. Just simply double click the power button, a fake call will be coming within seconds to rescue yourself from awkward situations.

Do you want to show your friends or families that you look very busy or important? Or, have you been in an uncomfortable situation? Do you just want to impress your friends? Or, ever been with someone who talks too much? Just use iCallMe with a fake call, allowing you to escape – just like a rescue call!! iCallMe also allow you to make your significant other jealous - set up a fake call with celebrities.
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iCallMe app for Android reminds you about your important events - Retrify