IAP for buying me pizza/drink?

Can i ask user to buy me pizza/drink via my App IAP?
I mean i will set a option for user to buy me drink/pizza/coffee and different rates(2-3$).

Question is:
I am not going to remove ads or unlocking any feature in return. is it allowed in google to accept money without any feature?
I want to use Google Check out for this vai IAP. Its purely user’s wish to donate money for snacks.

kindly put some light on this based on your experience.

I believe that IAP has to be used for goods within that app.

You can however, set up a sort of “donate to the developer” system using Paypal or something.

I think people used Google IAP for donating.

looks like i can go ahead with this.
i wonder if google will ban me for this?

Read the policy carefully. I don’t think there is anything against it. They get their cut anyway.

yes you can use iap for donations

@gcc - With the new policy, from what I have read - I think you should use their system (and you should make it clear that the users don’t get anything, except your gratitude). Bottom line - google will kinda get a slice of your pizza and a few sips of your coffee. :slight_smile:

I hate Google when they eat few slices of my pizza and taste my drink before reaching me. In fact i am habitual now to consume their leftovers :slight_smile:

Personally i feel that this much of greediness is not good for their digestion and may spoil their health system badly some day with another good rate giving market.