I will spend 1.000$ in app promotion. Need advice

Hi all,

I will spend 1.000$ in app promotion.
But I don’t know it’s enough or not? what’s the best strategy? Buy reviews or by install?
Please give me some advice.


Installs works best …

Whats your game? Share some screenshots and we can give you a good idea on whether spending that much would be worth it.

The best marketing in the world can’t help a badly designed game/app. You don’t want to waste your money.

$1000 is enough to promote your app, and make full use of installs and reviews, you will get good performance.

Can I know your app is launched in Apple Store or Google PlayStore?

Um, no matter what is your app, organic installs and reviews are both important for app to boost in the market. I would like to suggest you buy More installs and less reviews together. When an app get enough install, it will get higher ranking in search results. Then you need to buy some ratings and reviews. As we know, users will prefer to install the app which rank top with higher ratings and positive reviews.

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A guy offer me to buy 3500 reviews with 1.000$. Does it work? Has anyone ever try like this?

Don’t buy reviews these days, Google has gotten very good recently in detecting paid reviews and will just remove them and you will of wasted your money. Plus who will download a game that has 100% positive reviews with the same amount of downloads.

If your game is good enough then you should be able to use Facebook ads quite well to get downloads ( pay per click rather then install ). You could try and do some sponsored videos on YouTube, search for some Channels that are doing mobile games and have a nice amount of views per video and well as subs (important to have both) and see how much it would be to get featured on their channel.

Like I mentioned before give us some information about your game/app and we can help you a bit more

Read this :


Hi, guys!

APP promotion is an indispensable process of app developer. It is enough to promote your app in terms of you have 1000$ budget. Indeed, reviews and the number of installs are both important, which can convey the information and value of your app indirectly. I will introduce the details at below:

App installs: An good app must have more installs than other apps, and the audiences also prefer to choose the app that have more installs. So, you have to try your best to increase the installs of your app. Judging from you have enough budget, buying keywords search installs from a reliable app store optimization company is a good way for you.

App reviews: Of course, audience would like to choose the positive reviews when they search the relevant app. So, promoting the reviews become the essential task for app developer and companies.Buy app reviews is a better way to achieve this goal, it will provide the real reviews all over the world for you. Also,it will improve your app reputation in return.

The two methods are both effective to promote your app, wish these will be useful for you!