I released a game yesterday and already 800 download in just 14 hours.

I have been trying to develop different games, I released over 10 - 15 new concepts and the games didnt even generate 100 downloads in a day. Yesterday I released a game with smooth graphics and copied the concept of subway surfers. The game received awesome response with 800 downloads in just 14 hours of the launch. This is our game skate cruiser https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.skate.cruiser

I have taken care that the game play is smooth and the users are not loaded with ads. I have almost 80% users retained and the engagement is the best I saw till date.

I have received a great response for the quality of the video that I have made, here is our video. My friend has put special effort to make this video awesome and he did not ask even a rupee from me.

Check what google analytics has to say. analytics.jpg

This is the best and the most amazing day of our life. Such a big response in such a short time. Looks like I will cross 2k downloads in a single day.
Hope my game crosses 100k download in a weeks time.

Great job. I still can’t pass 50 downloads a day.

Nice. the game looks really nice. good work :smiley: do you have any tipps? or is the video the only way you advertised for the game?

Great job!

Looks really nice and has very distinct icon.

That’s pretty sweet, man. Good work. Hope you see some $$ for your effort. KEEP IT UP!

Great job bro ,keep it up .what is the platform that you use to build this game?!

Nice work BRO

what about those five star reviews you bought from fake google accounts? are those all retained at 80%?

the game has already crossed 4.5k downloads in just 40 hours … wow this is so surprising.
This is super awesome response.

Really great! Congrats!
Did you buy any ads or pay for downloads? Or cross promo from ytsdk or mp3sdk?
Which ad network u use?:slight_smile:

Really nice game! Do you reskin or create it by your own?

Wow…nice! I’m inlove with your video!

Great game what is your strategy that you make for this game thanks?

I second this question.
And I think there is no way to get 800 downloads in 14 hours after the launch because you are not ranked yet. Have you bought downloads or use some other way to get downloads that quickly?

Let us know!

And don’t worry - we don’t judge, we are just curious.

I actually saw this game on my personal Facebook the day he created this thread, so I would say he launched it along with an ad campaign.

nice game! it’s always nice to see high quality games get lots of success